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Património Cultural

Applying for Listing

How to apply for listing

The administrative procedure for listing an immovable asset starts with an internal proposal by DGPC, the appropriate cultural regional directorate or an application from any interested party, pursuant to article 25 of Law no. 107/2001, of 8 September.

The initial application, which is compulsory, must be in writing, and include the following information:

a) Identification, location and description of the property;

b) Identification, whenever possible, of the property owner, possessor or any other holder of rights in rem on the immovable asset;

c) Reasons for submitting the application based on the property’s cultural interest.

This application form is available on the websites of DGPC and the cultural regional directorates with instructions for filling out the form and for annexing documentation. Alternatively, the application can be sent to DGPC’s central services (by hand or by post), through the email or to the cultural regional directorates according to their operation areas.

Annexed documents should include, among others: an explanatory description of the property, graphic and cartographic documentation, registration data and, in case of an archaeological site or a mixed one, the inventory form of the Archaeological Heritage Database.

It should be noted that, under the law and the political and administrative statutes, the classification or listing of cultural assets as bearing public interest is incumbent on the Autonomous Regions whenever the asset is situated in the latter’s territory.