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Multiannual archaeological research is established by the law in force (Archaeological Works Regulations – Decree-Law no. 270/99, DR, 1st. Series, 15 July and by Amendments to Archaeological Works Regulations – Decree-Law no. 287/2000 of 10 November). Archaeological works in Category A – research – will be pursued, according to clause a), Article 3 of the AWR: “within multiannual planned research projects” to be conducted for a maximum of four years according to the AWR”.

Therefore, in order to ensure a sustainable management of the archaeological heritage, which is a finite resource, any archaeological research action requires a prior scientific validation. Multiannual archaeological research projects are a responsibility of the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage. They are submitted to the latter, and to the Regional Directorates for Culture for technical assessment, and to the National Assessment Panel for scientific assessment.

Multiannual archaeological research projects may be partially or totally funded according to invitations to tender that will be published with specific legislation.


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