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Trabalhos de Arqueologia 42 - Understanding people through their pottery. Proceedings of the 7th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC'03)

Trabalhos de Arqueologia 42 - Understanding people through their pottery. Proceedings of the 7th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC'03)

Maria Isabel Prudêncio, Maria Isabel Dias, J. C. Waerenborgh, eds.

Trabalhos de Arqueologia 42 - Understanding people through their pottery. Proceedings of the 7th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC'03)

October 27-31, 2003, Lisbon


321 p.


Contents PDF 


Palissy ceramics: elemental analysis and origin of clays - A. BOUQUILLON,  J. CASTAING, F. RAVOIRE E O. LECOMTE PDF 

Pedregales: a coarse ware workshop of Celtiberian tradition at the Roman town of Clunia (Peñalba de Castro, Burgos, Spain) - J. BUXEDA GARRIGÓS, J. GARCIA-IÑAÑEZ E F. TUSET BERTRAN PDF 

Bell Beaker relationships along the Atlantic coast - J. L. CARDOSO, G. QUERRÉ E L. SALANOVA PDF 

Physical and chemical characterization of ceramic wall tiles, dated to the 17th century, from the “Convento de Cristo” in Tomar, Portugal - J. COROADO E C. GOMES PDF 

Pottery production technology throughout the third millennium BC on a local settlement network in Fornos de Algodres, central Portugal - M. I. DIAS, A. C. VALERA E M. I. PRUDÊNCIO PDF 

Ceramic production in Monte da Pata 1 and Castelo das Juntas, Late Iron Age sites (Guadiana Basin, southern Portugal): some archaeometric results - M. I. DIAS, J. ALBERGARIA, A. JORGE, A. C. RAMOS, S. MELRO, M. I. PRUDÊNCIO E F. ROCHA PDF 

Some ethnoarchaeological possibilities in the pottery technology investigations - B. V. DJORDJEVIC PDF 

Technical analysis of earth ovens from Nieder Mörlen - M. EILAND, J. LÜNING E Q. WILLIAMS PDF 

Contributions of ceramic debris to the chronology of restoration works at water conduits of the Roman aqueduct of Carthage - M. O. FIGUEIREDO, T. PEREIRA DA SILVA, J. P. VEIGA, J. GIRALT E A. ALVAREZ PDF 

Pottery production in Late Neolithic cult sites of Santa Barbara and Cala Scizzo (Apulia, southeast Italy) - A. GENIOLA, R. LAVIANO E I. M. MUNTONI PDF

Analysis of incrusted pottery from Vörs, southwest Hungary - K. GHERDÁN, K. T. BIRÓ, GY. SZAKMÁNY, M. TÓTH E K. G. SÓLYMOS PDF

Technological investigation of early Neolithic pottery from Vörs, southwest Hungary - K. GHERDÁN, K. T. BIRÓ, GY. SZAKMÁNY E M. TÓTH PDF

Ceramics, style and exchange in the Early Neolithic Upper Mondego Basin: a technological approach - A. JORGE, P. M. DAY, A. C. VALERA, M. I. DIAS E M. I. PRUDÊNCIO PDF

Food and drink in the Roman world - A. MARTIN PDF 

Ceramic materials in fire assay practices: a case study from 16th-century laboratory equipment - M. MARTINÓN-TORRES E TH.REHREN PDF 

The origin of Aegean-like pottery from western Negev and northern Sinai by Neutron Activation Analysis - H. MOMMSEN, A. SCHWEDT E E. D. OREN PDF 

The “non vitrifiable red slip” ware found in Braga (northwest of Portugal): a mineralogical and chemical characterization - F. OLIVEIRA, M. A. SEQUEIRA BRAGA, M. I. PRUDÊNCIO, M. DELGADO E M. A. GOUVEIA PDF 

Provenance studies of early mediaeval fast wheel pottery from Pliska, Bulgaria - V. P. VASILEVA E G. BREY PDF 

Preliminary results of provenance analyses on Early Iron Age knobbed ware from Troia, Thrace and the Balkans - F. PINTÉR E M. SATIR  PDF 

Provenance of common wares from the Roman villae at São Cucufate (Beja) and Tourega (Évora) in Portugal - I. VAZ PINTO E A. SCHMITT  PDF

Ceramic production in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula: studying the functional features of pottery by analysing organic material - M. P. PRIETO-MARTÍNEZ, J. JUAN TRESSERRAS E J. C. MATAMALA PDF 

Amphorae in Sellium from the first to the fifth century AD: importation and regional production - M. I. PRUDÊNCIO, M. I. DIAS E S. DA PONTE PDF 

The discovery of European porcelain technology - C. M. QUEIROZ E S. AGATHOPOULOS PDF 

Major and trace element characterization of Archaic and Roman pottery from Achaia, Greece - C. RATHOSI, C. KATAGAS E P. TSOLI-KATAGAS PDF 

Nature and provenance of Montilier-Platzbünden Horgen pottery (3179-3118 calendar years BC, western Switzerland) - M. A. RODOT, R. MARTINEAU, J. BONVALOT E G. GALETTI PDF 

Studies of the southern Gaul sigillata ceramics: the workshops of La Graufesenque and Montans - PH. SCIAU, M. A. LANGUILLE, E. DOORYHEE, TH. MARTIN E A. VERNHET PDF 

Imaging vegetal inclusions in porous clayey materials and ceramics, by impregnation with fluorescent polymers - C. SESTIER, R. MARTINEAU, E. CHENU, A. ELIAS, R. GOYDADIN E E. LADMIRAL PDF 

Chemical and physical characterization of fragments from ceramic jars called “formas de açúcar” exhumed in the town of Machico, Madeira Island - E. SOUSA, J. SILVA E C. GOMES PDF 

A study of ceramics from the Devesa do Rei site (Vedra, A Coruña, Spain) - M. TABARÉS-DOMÍNGUEZ E M. P. PRIETO-MARTINEZ PDF 

Amphora production in the pre-Roman Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula and evidence of trade with the Balearic Islands - E. TSANTINI, J. BUXEDA I GARRIGÓS, M. MADRID FERNÁNDEZ, J. M. GURT I ESPARRAGUERA E M. MIÑARRO I CASAS PDF 

Ceramics culture: a real system and a source of historical information - Y. B. TSETLIN PDF 

Technical ceramics in early iron smelting: the role of ceramics in the early first millennium BC iron production at Tell Hammeh (az-Zarqa), Jordan - H. A. VELDHUIJZEN PDF 

Developing the linear modular OSL (LM - OSL) as a new tool for ceramic dating - A. ZINK E J. CASTAING PDF 

Participants List PDF 

Reference: IPPBLIV07308337

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