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Património Cultural


In order to fulfil its mission and to exercise the powers conferred by law, the DGPCresorts to a number of areas of expertise through which it can render services to different kinds of public. The “Resources” menu provides information about these services and other intervention areas, some of which can become relevant citizen-Government interfaces.

Among other highly specialised services, the DGPC is responsible for the Archaeoscience Laboratory, the José Figueiredo Laboratory (Conservation and restoration of movable heritage), photographic reference laboratories (producing and supplying different heritage images), technical archives and specialized libraries, such as the libraries of Ajuda, Convent of Mafra, Archaeology, Conservation and Museums and Heritage.

The “Resources“ menu also provides updated and systematized information on training activities organised or supported by the DGPC; publications, and merchandise in its shops, internships and volunteer work, and different aspects of accessibilities in museums and monuments. In addition, this menu makes available circular letters, forms and regulations that may be used as interfaces with the public in heritage-related matters.


A List of DGPC publications – monographs and periodicals – is available for purchase. You will also find digital format publications for download.

+ Publications



Our heritage is subject to study and systematic inventorying. Here you will find information on the different forms of access to photos of buildings and collections.

+ Images



Here you can have access to the DGPC’s different reference laboratories in areas such as Archaeology and Conservation and Restoration of movable assets.

+ Laboratories



The museums and monuments of the DGPC have a large number of heritage spaces for hiring purposes. 

Formulários, Regulamentos e Circulares

Here you can find updated and systematised information on the procedure to contact the DGPC, its museums and monuments.